Trophies for Park Beyond

Park Beyond Park Beyond
I completed Park Beyond
I completed Park Beyond Park Beyond
Collect all Park Beyond Trophies
Ambitious Beginnings
Ambitious Beginnings Park Beyond
Complete Mission 1: 'Ambitious Beginnings'
Middle Class
Middle Class Park Beyond
Earn $200,000
Millionaire Park Beyond
Earn $1,000,000
Builder Park Beyond
Build 50 structures
Contractor Park Beyond
Build 200 structures
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Agent Park Beyond
Build 1,000 structures
Tourist Attraction
Tourist Attraction Park Beyond
Have 2,000 visitors
The Place To Be
The Place To Be Park Beyond
Have 10,000 visitors
Pilgrimage Destination
Pilgrimage Destination Park Beyond
Have 100,000 visitors
Slightly Impossible
Slightly Impossible Park Beyond
Make 10 impossifications
Just About Impossible
Just About Impossible Park Beyond
Make 100 impossifications
Welcome to Cloudstormer
Welcome to Cloudstormer Park Beyond
Complete Mission 2: 'Welcome to Cloudstormer'
Master of the Impossible
Master of the Impossible Park Beyond
Make 500 impossifications
Team Leader
Team Leader Park Beyond
Hire 50 staff members
Staff Manager
Staff Manager Park Beyond
Hire 500 staff members
CEO Park Beyond
Hire 2,000 staff members
Time Flies
Time Flies Park Beyond
Spend 1 year in game
It's Been a While
It's Been a While Park Beyond
Spend 5 years in game
Old-timer Park Beyond
Spend 20 years in game
German Efficiency
German Efficiency Park Beyond
Build and open 30 flat rides in a single park without buying any land extension
Real Estate Mogul
Real Estate Mogul Park Beyond
Purchase every land extension in a single park
I Like Trains
I Like Trains Park Beyond
Have 5 open roller coasters in a single park
The Dawn of Impossification
The Dawn of Impossification Park Beyond
Complete Mission 3: 'The Dawn of Impossification'
Pinball Wizard
Pinball Wizard Park Beyond
Build and open a roller coaster with 10 or more Spring Modules
It's Getting Crowded in Here
It's Getting Crowded in Here Park Beyond
Have 5,000 visitors in your park at the same time
The Trump Card
The Trump Card Park Beyond
Fire a staff member that is low on energy
Explosives Expert
Explosives Expert Park Beyond
Build and open a roller coaster with at least 5 Cannon modules
An Eye for Details
An Eye for Details Park Beyond
Complete Mission 4: 'An Eye for Details'
Duel at the Beaches
Duel at the Beaches Park Beyond
Complete Mission 5: 'Duel at the Beaches'
Taken at the Flood
Taken at the Flood Park Beyond
Complete Mission 6: 'Taken at the Flood'
A Tale of Two Theme Parks
A Tale of Two Theme Parks Park Beyond
Complete Mission 7: 'A Tale of Two Theme Parks'
Top of the World
Top of the World Park Beyond
Complete Mission 8: 'Top of the World'
Worker Park Beyond
Earn $50,000