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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 +2.5 Remix

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Lowest price: R$ 57,49 , PS+: R$ 57,49 — Release date: March 28, 2017
Para jogar esse jogo no PS5, talvez seja preciso atualizar seu sistema com o software do sistema mais recente. É possível jogar esse jogo no PS5, mas alguns recursos disponíveis no PS4 podem estar ausentes. Consulte PlayStation.com/bc para obter mais detalhes.
KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX é uma coleção remasterizada em HD com 6 experiências inesquecíveis de KINGDOM HEARTS, disponível pela primeira vez para o PlayStation® 4. A coleção em HD contém:
• KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories
• KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days (Vídeos remasterizados em HD)
• KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Final MIX
• KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded (Vídeos remasterizados em HD)
Características Principais
• Celebre os 15 anos de KINGDOM HEARTS com essa coleção essencial - Recorde e vivencie outra vez 6 aventuras de KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Seeker Saga antes do lançamento do esperado KINGDOM HEARTS III.
• Experiencie a magia de KINGDOM HEARTS - Se você ainda não conhece a franquia, KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX é a oportunidade perfeita para você começar a portar sua Keyblade e salvar os mundos da Disney das garras da escuridão.

Modo de um jogador offline
Utiliza a função de vibração DUALSHOCK 4
O jogo da PS4 pode ser controlado através da PS Vita

É preciso ter uma conta para usar os recursos online, que estão sujeitos aos termos de serviço e à política de privacidade aplicável (playstationnetwork.com/terms-of-service e playstationnetwork.com/privacy-policy).

Software sujeito à licença e à garantia limitada (us.playstation.com/softwarelicense/br).

A taxa única de licença dá o direito de jogar no sistema PS4™ principal designado e outros sistemas PS4™ quando está usando essa conta.
Information taken from the official PSN site, with all rights reserved.
Trophies for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 +2.5 Remix
Obtain all trophies.
Proud Player
Clear Final Mix on Proud.
Novice Hero
Win the Phil Cup.
Artisan Hero
Win the Pegasus Cup.
Hero of the Coliseum
Win the Hercules Cup.
Coliseum Champion
Win the Hades Cup.
The Frosty Giant
Defeat the Ice Titan in the Gold Match at Olympus Coliseum.
One-Winged Angel
Defeat Sephiroth in the Platinum Match at Olympus Coliseum.
Supreme Soloist
Complete any solo challenge.
Time Attacker
Complete any time trial challenge.
Level Master
Get Sora to Level 100.
Treasure Hunter
Open 100 treasure chests.
Final Mix Master
Clear game on Final Mix or a higher difficulty level.
From Rags to Riches
Obtain over 10,000 Munny.
Heartless Hunter
Defeat over 2,000 Heartless.
Where the Bells Toll
Seal the keyhole in Traverse Town.
The Rabbit Hole
Seal the keyhole in Wonderland.
Junior Hero
Seal the keyhole in Olympus Coliseum.
Member of the Tribe
Seal the keyhole in Deep Jungle.
Magic Lamp
Seal the keyhole in Agrabah.
Honest Soul
Escape from Monstro.
Master of the Seas
Seal the keyhole in Atlantica.
Pumpkin Prince
Seal the keyhole in Halloween Town.
Novice Player
Clear game on Final Mix: Beginner or a higher difficulty level.
Pixie Dust
Seal the keyhole in NeverLand.
End of the World
Seal the keyhole in Hollow Bastion.
Pooh's Friend
Seal the keyhole in 100 Acre Wood.
Record Keeper
Collect all Jiminy's Journal entries.
Collect all Story entries in Jiminy's Journal.
Collect all Ansem Reports in Jiminy's Journal.
Collect all Character entries in Jiminy's Journal.
Top Dog
Collect all 101 Dalmatian entries in Jiminy's Journal.
Best Friend
Collect all Trinity List entries in Jiminy's Journal.
Mini-game Maniac
Collect all Mini-game entries in Jiminy's Journal.
Unchanging Armor
Clear the game without changing equipment.
Synthesis Master
Synthesize all items.
First Synthesis
Synthesize an item for the first time.
Synthesis Novice
Synthesize 3 types of items.
Synthesis Amateur
Synthesize 15 types of items.
Synthesis Vet
Synthesize 30 types of items.
Gummi Ship Collector
Obtain 30 or more gummi ship blueprints.
Flying Ace
Shoot down over 2,500 enemies with your gummi ship.
Modify a gummi ship and update the data.
Top Gun
Clear all gummi ship routes.
Test Pilot
Clear gummi ship mission 1.
Clear the game without using a continue.
Veteran Pilot
Clear gummi ship mission 2.
Ace Pilot
Clear gummi ship mission 3.
Obtain the Oathkeeper Keyblade.
Blade Master
Obtain all Keyblades.
Master Magician
Obtain all staves.
Master Defender
Obtain all shields.
Defeat the World of Chaos in the End of the World within 15 hours.
He Who Doesn't Exist
Defeat the Mysterious Man in Hollow Bastion.
The Cloaked Shadow
Defeat the Phantom at the Clock Tower.
The Sandy Blade
Defeat Kurt Zisa in Agrabah.
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