Rhythm Heaven Megamix

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Lowest price: $21.14 — Release date: June 15, 2016


Rhythmic gaming bliss, goats eating turnips, and the funkiest tunes
you’ve ever bashed a button to? This must be the Rhythm Heaven™ Megamix.
With 70+ rhythm games, including new ones, remixed fan-favorites, and US
debuts, this fresh mix has it all. Try to reach Heaven World as you stab
viruses, feed a bear, and more! Just don't miss a beat.

As you dig into each hilariously random activity, you'll get pulled into
the world of Rhythm Heaven by the riveting soundtrack, created with help
from legendary music producer, Tsunku♂. Hang out in a café to check out
new rhythm games and chat with a drink-serving dog. Or feed your pet
goat using a turnip-powered game machine! You can even visit a museum to
enjoy the game's music and artwork. In the party mood? Then team up with
three other players to take down challenges. Every time you encounter a
player via the StreetPass™ feature, you'll do battle with their punching
robot. It's time to kick back! Heaven World is just a few head bops away.

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