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Lowest price: $0.99 — Release date: Dec. 18, 2014


99Moves, a retro arcade game where you will have to survive with just 99

Without a heading in the galaxy, all was lost because your energy was
about to run out... gravity would chart the course of your destiny...
Suddenly, V-99 entered a zone called Shaders, which provided energy...
It was a new opportunity to survive. However, it was not all good news,
as you only have 99 energy pulses to move through the Shaders zone.

Online Ranking!

Control V-99, dodging and managing 99 Movements!

Get high scores by obtaining V-99s and grazing the walls!

Arcade mobility like in the classic arcade games!

60 Images per second in 1080p!

5 Players in Race and Survival mode!

Retro-style levels!

Incredible enemy patterns!


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