Secret Agent Files: Miami

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Lowest price: $1.99 — Release date: Oct. 7, 2013


Probably the most challenging adventure to date for Nintendo 3DS and
Nintendo 2DS.

Mia is direct, gruff and has a big mouth. She's a good shooter, but
she's also klutzy and can be pretty sensitive at times. And she always
has a solution. Just not right now.

The Secret Service just fired her. She has no money, no papers and no
idea how she got into this situation.

But she'll be damned if she doesn't find out what this crap is all about
- to put it in her words.

Stranded in Miami, she now goes to see her mother, whom she hasn't seen
in years. And her mother has no inkling of Mia's real job…

You will meet a wide variety of people over the course of this gripping
tale. Some will be on your side, others not so much. Proceed with
caution and be sure to look and listen closely. It's the only way Mia
can survive and maybe even find out who or what is behind it all.

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