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Kingdom Hearts All-In-One

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Lowest price: 27,49 € , PS+: 27,49 € — Release date: Jan. 29, 2019
Pour jouer à ce jeu sur une PS5, il est peut-être nécessaire de mettre à jour votre système avec la version la plus récente du logiciel système. Bien que ce jeu soit jouable sur une PS5, il se peut que certaines de ses fonctionnalités ne soient disponibles que sur une PS4. Consultez PlayStation.com/bc pour en savoir plus.
Cherchant à éviter une autre Guerre des Keyblades, Sora, Donald, et Dingo se lancent dans une nouvelle aventure pour repousser les ténèbres qui gagnent du terrain.

L'histoire de KINGDOM HEARTS vous emmène dans différents mondes Disney dans lesquels vous rencontrerez de nombreux personnages Disney célèbres. Dans KINGDOM HEARTS III, le dernier épisode de la saga de Xehanort, vous découvrirez également d'impressionnants monde Pixar inédits.

KINGDOM HEARTS All-In-One inclut :

• KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

Achats en cours de jeu facultatifs

Le téléchargement de ce produit est soumis aux Conditions d'utilisation de PlayStation Network, ainsi qu'à toute autre condition spécifique à ce produit. Si vous n'acceptez pas ces conditions, ne téléchargez pas ce produit. Consultez les Conditions d'utilisation pour obtenir d'autres informations importantes.

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Information taken from the official PSN site, with all rights reserved.
Trophies for Kingdom Hearts All-In-One
Earn all EZ Code merits.
Reach the highest PRO Code merit rank.
Behind the Curtain
Start Analysis
Eliminate One Darkness in the datascape.
Analysis Complete
Eliminate Thirteen Darknesses in the datascape.
Beyond the Curtain
Defeat Yozora.
Unlock all other trophies.
A New Journey
Begin your brand new adventure.
Home Again
Adventure through the Hundred Acre Wood and complete the story.
The Hearts Joined to His
Gather the seven guardians of light.
No Matter What
Reunite with Kairi.
The Battle to End All
Begin the final confrontation with Master Xehanort.
Another Chapter Closed
Finish the game and view the ending.
Hidden Kings
Complete the Lucky Emblems section of the Gummiphone.
Know Thine Enemy
Complete the Adversaries section of the Gummiphone.
No Stone Unturned
Complete the Treasures section of the Gummiphone.
Complete the Synthesis section of the Gummiphone.
One for the Books
Complete the Game Records section of the Gummiphone.
Clash of the Gods
Adventure through Olympus and complete the story.
Tall Enough to Ride
Use an attraction to defeat enemies for the first time.
Use a link to defeat enemies for the first time.
Grand Mage
Cast grand magic for the first time.
Defeat 1,000 enemies.
Defeat 3,000 enemies.
Defeat 5,000 enemies.
Complete all of the Flantastic Seven missions.
Use the gummi ship to obtain 20 unique treasures.
Use the gummi ship to find and photograph all the constellations.
Destroy the Schwarzgeist, menace of the Ocean Between.
A Wish at Twilight
Adventure through Twilight Town and complete the story.
Score at least 12,000,000 pts. in Verum Rex: Beat of Lead.
Festive Dancer
Score at least 70,000 pts. in the Festival Dance.
Shield Shredder
Score at least 600,000 pts. in Frozen Slider.
Get an A rank on both Flash Tracer courses.
Fully power up the Leviathan.
True Captain
Sink 200 enemy ships in The Caribbean.
Say Cheese!
Snap your first photo.
Lasting Memories
Hold on to 50 photos.
Collect every type of ingredient.
Full Course
Earn your first "Excellent" while preparing cuisine.
Inseparable Friends
Adventure through Toy Box and complete the story.
Master Chef
Earn an "Excellent" while preparing every type of cuisine.
Muscle Memory
Get a new high score in one of the Classic Kingdom games.
Classically Trained
Get a new high score in every Classic Kingdom game.
Obtain a Keyblade that is fully powered up.
Ultima Weapon
Synthesize the Ultima Weapon.
Leveled Out
Raise Sora to LV 99.
Happily Ever After
Adventure through the Kingdom of Corona and complete the story.
The Power of Laughter
Adventure through Monstropolis and complete the story.
An Act of True Love
Adventure through Arendelle and complete the story.
Way of the Pirate
Adventure through The Caribbean and complete the story.
Making a Difference
Adventure through San Fransokyo and complete the story.
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