√Letter-Root Letter- (English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese Ver.)

HK$348 PlayStation Store

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Lowest price: HK$67.60 , PS+: 免费 — Release date: June 15, 2016


"I killed someone. I have to pay for my crime. This is a farewell. Goodbye."

This is a mystery adventure game for the player to seek truth about the last letter you received from Aya Fumino—a pen pal from high school. So solve the mystery with the 10 letters you exchanged with her and by visiting cities in Shimane, a prefecture in Japan with history and beautiful nature.

The player will find out the real truth behind his/her pen pal friend by going through the following parts: the Letter Part by recollecting the exchanged letters 15 years ago, the Search Part by going to Shimane to look for the 7 classmates who know the truth, and the Classmate Part in order to confront specific classmates about the truth 15 years ago.

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