Atelier Firis ~The Alchemist And The Mysterious Journey~

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Lowest price: HK$274.40, PS+: HK$235.20 — Release date: Nov. 2, 2016

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Eltona is a small town built inside a giant rock.
Here, lives a girl called Firis.
Firis has a dream - she wants to be able to travel the whole wide world.
However, inside this town, shut behind the big and heavy doors, this dream was unreachable.
Firis passes her days dreaming about the world outside, while she watches the doors that never open.
However, a big change is about to come.
One day, she discovers Alchemistry, and this fateful encounter is what will become the key that will invite the young girl on her first journey.
This is the newest work of the "Mysterious" series, and the 18th instalment of the Atelier series.
Join Firis on her exploration through the vast and mysterious new world!
-- this journey is the beginning of a new tale.
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