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※This content supports PlayStation®Move motion controller.
The Walker was selected for the China Hero Project by SONY, representing the highest level of Chinese game development. It also received the 2017 Golden Plume award for Best VR Game. A VR action-shooter, the Walker offers a unique 360° all-directional monster-slaying experience for FPS and zombie fans. The story takes place in old Shanghai, where undead exorcists have traditional weapons at their disposal, as well as magical Chinese talismans.

The game faithfully recreates the architecture and buildings of old Shanghai, as well as the modern-day subway system. Players are not only fighting against monsters, but can also experience the beauty of Shanghai in different time periods. You are an exorcist, hiding in the darkness and ready to dispel the undead. You must carefully use your arsenal of melee weapons, firearms and magic talismans to combat zombie creatures that emerge from the shadows. Close-range boss fights will test your nerves, but you are sworn to slay all of the undead and protect your city.

Game Features
1. First-Person VR shooting action combined with close quarters combat.
2. Multiple weapon enchantment using magic Chinese Talismans to increase firepower
3. Dodge or block enemy melee attacks using your longsword
4. Fight off various types of undead monsters swarming from all directions towards you
5. 5 stage maps, 3 different difficulties and a special rush mode for extended gameplay

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