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Lowest price: Free — Release date: July 16, 2019


This is a simple operation to eliminate the game.

It’s as simple as clicking and double-clicking on the operation.
Click to aggregate the connected patches to become higher-value patches.

Double click is used to detonate the explosive block
There are 5 explosion blocks in the game, the corresponding numbers are 50, 100, 150, 200, 250+
The ability of each explosive block is different.
50 explosion block is a small bomb that will eliminate 3*3 range of color blocks
The 100 blast block corresponds to the cross type elimination, that is, the row in which the blast block is located.
150 explosion block pairs randomly eliminate a common color block
200 explosion blocks will eliminate 3 rows and 3 columns, is an upgraded version of 100 explosion blocks
The explosion block of 250 and above is the same ability to clear all the color blocks

In addition to the explosion color block, there are 5 kinds of props to choose from.
Item 1: Eliminate a color block you specify
Item 2: Change the 4 color blocks of the normal color block you specified to the same color as the color block you specified. Of course, it is invalid for the explosion block.
Item 3: Aggregate all the common color blocks you specify
Item 4: Randomly dye three lines to become the same color, of course, this is also invalid for the explosive block.
Item 5: Clear all color blocks

Of course, there are also obstacles in the game. It will only appear in the challenge mode until 2000 points, and it will appear after the 20 levels in the level mode.
In addition to the obstacle block, there is a cute little monster waiting for you, every 10 levels will appear. Be careful of the 2 skills of the little monster, the first skill is to change the value of the color block to 1. The second skill Is to turn the color block into a barrier.

The cute little monster is waiting for you in the game.
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