Падение Рейха: Защита Башни

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Jan. 17, 2018


The best Tower Defense game in the world!

This classic tower defense game takes you back to World War 2, experience historic battles, build bunkers and defeat enemies attack!


- 40 maps of 4 Campaigns based on historic events of World War 2.
- Enjoy the endless fun.
- Interactive terrains with the open path like the fieldrunners' gameplay.
- 20+ types of enemy units based on historic WW2 tanks and bombers.
- 6 types of upgradable towers, Machine Gun tower, Cannon Tower, Radar Tower, Anti-Aircraft Tower, Flame-Thrower Tower and Howitzer-Rocket Tower.
- 2 game modes: Campaign& Endless.
- 9 types of props to make the game more fun, Mine, Bomber, Artillery, Sandbags, Armor, Repair Kit, Barricades, Dragon Teeth, and Tank Trap.
- Best Time Killer.

Thanks All !!
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