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CAT & KITTENS JIGSAW PUZZLES - is new classical Jigsaw Puzzles solving game for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices! Inside the game there are 380+ great cats and kittens puzzles! NOTE: every puzzle can be played with up to 11 different sizes from 4 (2x2) pieces up to 144 (12x12 on iPad) pieces! This game was specially designed for kids with simple and clean user interface and very intuitive scrolling, drag & drop control of the puzzle pieces, so that even 2 years old toddler can play it!

Look on all this awesome 5 stars reviews from our happy users:

by lwanne – 5 Stars
Got this for my nieces, age 3 & 5. They’ve discovered puzzles on my phone so I was looking for some additional apps. I like that this app allows you to set the number of pieces in the puzzle, going as low as four to start. That means I can set the difficulty to each child’s abilities and also give them more of a challenge as they learn.

by Ajblackhawk – 5 Stars
This is great! I love this game! Combine the adorable ness of kittens and cats with puzzles and you've got a winner!
It's fun for all ages because you can make it easy or hard. I also like the fact that it doesn't have to be on the Internet to play and it is a calming game. I think too many games now a days are either addicting or just to violent. Thank you so much!

by marcylynnette – 5 Stars
BEST PUZZLES EVER! This puzzles app is so awesome! I am older than 5 years old and I LOVE this game! This game is terrific and it is definitely a 5 star game! Another similar game I recommend for all ages is Horse Puzzle. Kitten Puzzles is suitable for all ages and all ages would enjoy this game. This game is probably good for kids 5 or 6 and older! Horse Puzzle is also great for kids 5 or 6 and older. Both games entertain my family and I with so much fun! LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH!

by Redfox925 – 5 Stars
Great fun! My great-grandson downloaded this onto my phone. I am so glad he did. The ability to choose the level of difficulty makes it easy for everyone to play at the level you are comfortable with. They are 7 and 9 and love doing puzzles. And I love that it is a site that is non-violent, stimulates their hand-eye co-ordination and they get a great feeling of accomplishment when they finish one. I recommend this app.

by Happykittyparty – 5 Stars
Super Kitten Puzzles! Very fun and tons of kitten puzzles! There is happy music that plays while you solve each puzzle, which can be muted if desired. You are also able to choose the number of puzzle pieces to increase or decrease difficulty. All around great family friendly fun!

by Skydancernole – 5 Stars
By far the most relaxing tablet game/app that I have ever installed. Moments pass quickly by as you submerse yourself into the cuddly and adorable pics of these lifelike cats ... these babies that YOU are bringing to life in front of your own eyes.
5 stars does not do this app justice!!!

√ Big puzzle area and separate scrollbar with mixed puzzles on the top of the screen
√ Controls placed on the top of the screen to prevent accident tap on them during puzzling
√ Autosave functionality for the last played puzzle, just restart the game to continue
√ Help preview function to light the picture in the background if you will stuck
√ Ambient and positive background music will help you to relax and to get better mood
√ Separate music and sound controls
√ No internet connection required to play
√ Universal app which you can play on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices

√ Visual memory training
√ Increasing of short term memory
√ Concentration improvement
√ Developing of the cognitive skills

Download this cute Cats & Kittens Jigsaw Puzzles app now and have a long and great time with it!
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