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Реальная Автостоянка Д-Р Парке

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Aug. 26, 2018
Real Car Parking 2018 is the best car parking or another words top dr. parker driving school where new drivers can learn the art of parking in bays. Drivers can learn or practice all the parking manoeuvres. This is the state of the art driving simulation game. It has realistic graphics effects and electronic indicators to indicate the drivers to park the cars like professional drivers. The real car parking 3D game has 5D view to see whats around your car. Cars has realistic sensor feeling and guide you where to park. This game is parking school for new drivers. The game has many tricky spots to park the car. Clear road signs and smooth roads. This parking simulator game is the best real parking game in 2018. This driving game has car to park, truck parking, mini can parking. It has also Ambulance parking and police car parking.

- Many camera angles
- 2 controls steering and buttons.
- Many mission to achieve
- Estacionamento
- Park like a pro.
- Parcheggio gioco
- Best parking street car
- Jeu parking rue
- multistory parking

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