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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Sept. 8, 2016
The best game play to runs and jumps atop enemies across platforms

Jungle Adventure Cat Hunter is simple platform game play to run , jump atop enemies , collect more coins to buy more life and bullet. In Jungle Adventure game you can select 4 hero and each hero will have different character and power. In game have 4 worlds Mountain , Underground , sky and winter and each world cointain with 9 levels to play.

1st hero : Narucat is cat hero from jungle and he can double jump , run and shoot short gun. In game he will collect coins to buy more bullets to shoot enemies. When you need more power you have to collect banana and he will power up.

2nd hero : Doggy is dog hero and he can double jump , run very fast and has power gun from galaxy. In game he need to collect banana to get more power and get bullet to shoot aliens.

3rd hero : Hunter is human hero from the world and he can double jump , climb very fast. He has special knife to kill enemies. Get more banana for power up , get more coins to buy bullet.

4th hero : Kong saga is king kong monkey hero from jungle. He can jump very high with 3 steps. He very like banana when he eat banana will have more power to fight with enemies. He has club to hit enemies and can throw power ball to kill enemies.

Game feature
-4 Worlds Mountain , Underground , sky and winter with 36 levels total
-4 Big Bosses fight at final level are Gorilla King Kong from island , Big Bird from sky , Stone man from underground and Ice man from snow frozen.
-Nice sound and graphics with 4 hero >> cat , dog , hunter and monkey king can slide, jump, fire, attack
-Shop system, using coins to unlock new character and buy items
-Hit blocks to release random items
-Special bullet range attack
-Classic platform game controller

How to play
-Use button on the screen to control hero to slide, jump, fire, attack
-Collect jungle banana to get more health
-Collect orange to get more bullet
-Complete levels and in final level will fight with big boss
-To unlock new characters or buy items you must use the coins
-The coins will be collected in the game, but to earn it you must complete that level then the coins will be saved.
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