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Раздвижные Блок Головоломки – Лучшая Логика Настольную Игру С Красочными Танграм Блоков

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Feb. 6, 2016
Provide your brain with the right fuel! Sliding Block Puzzle – Best Logic Board Game with Colorful Tangram Blocks is an app which requires a high level of concentration and focus. With it you can have a proper memory training and improve your cognitive skills. Get it right now and enjoy puzzling!


Simple-to-operate app interface.
Suitable for both children and adults
Free hints available.
Plenty of difficulty levels.
Slide the blocks and fit them in the central square.
Save the pictures of the solved tangrams.
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Keep your mind sharp and concentrate!

This is the most popular kind of mind games ever! It's based on the traditional Chinese block puzzle games where the central square figure is divided into seven different geometrical shapes called tans – a parallelogram, square, and five triangles. Our Sliding Block Puzzle app contains colorful bricks in various shapes, not necessarily those mentioned above. The point of the game is to fit these back together in the form of a square without leaving empty spaces among the blocks, but they cannot flip nor overlap. It seems to be a piece of cake, but is it really?

A learning game without age limits.

Our tangram puzzle game can be played by both kids and adults since you can choose the level of the game and thus adjust the difficulty to the age of the player. Join the challenge and become a true block puzzle master solver. Download the Sliding Block Puzzle and enjoy the excitement it provides you with.

This is a free app to download and play. Besides the free hints at the beginning of each game, you can get another free hint after watching a video provided in the Shop section. In addition, there are some in-app options available to purchase for real money, such as removing adds, buying 10, 30 hints, or even a pack of either 150 or 500 hints and get the removal of adds for free. If you do not want to use this, please disable the in-app purchase feature in your device's settings.
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