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Найти Пропавших Без Вести — Find The Missing

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: July 14, 2012
Play with people from all over the world!
Play with your friends!

Find the Missing is an online battle game,
and it trains your peripheral vision.

25 alphabets are arranged on 5x5 tiles.

Alphabets have 26 characters,
so 1 character is misssing.

Find the missing character as quickly as possible,
and select the answer from buttons below.
(buttons scrolls horizontally)

You play this 3 times in a game.

The player who finished earlier wins.

Don't select the wrong one!

The tile will change it's color
when you touch it.

The easiest way to play is
touching tiles from A to Z,
and if you cannot find next one
you select it as an answer.

Sometimes it helps you begining
other alphabet not A.

If you master this game,
you could select answer
just at a glance!


-Match with Someone
You can play this game with people from all over the world.

-Match with Friend
You can play this game with your friends.

-Practice by Myself
You can train just by yourself.

You can use match tools in a match.

Some help you to find answer quicker,
some bother your opponent to find answer.

You have all tools one for each at first,
but they will dissappear when you use them.

If you want more tools,
you can change coins into tools.

You can earn many coins by playing with someone.

Also you can earn a little coins
by playing by yourself.

Play with many people and earn many coins!

Find the Missing use Game Center functionality
to offer online battle.

If you want to play with someone or friends,
don't forget to login to Game Center

If you want to play with friends,
you need to register your friends
as your friend in Game Center.
Don't forget to register your friends in advance.

The reason you can't find any players is
that there are no players waiting for someone
to join the game right now.

The more people play this game,
the more you can find players easily.

So please tell your friends about this game!

If you find bugs in this game,
please send an e-mail to me
from support page not in review.

Information taken from the official AppStore site, with all rights reserved.
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