Повторить Последовательность – Игра На Запоминание

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Play the most entertainig memory game on the market and do your best to Repeat the Pattern! Memory challenge games are perfect for everyone – kids and adults, boys and girls! Boost your memory and focus in a fun and exciting way!

Repeat the Pattern! app features:

- User friendly and intuitive interface.
- Rules are simple: look at the sequence of simbols, memorize it and repeat it!
- Different difficulty levels.
- Pactice your memory and focus!
- Be careful – time is limited!

First couple of levels may seem easy, but just wait for the advanced levels! Your brain will gradually hit up and finally you will be asked to remeber the sequence of 18 symbols! Can you do it? Try now and challenge your friends. Challenge your mind and think of a way to memorize a row of different symbols. You can use any technique that works for you, as long as it helps you advance to the last level! Download this free game now and have tons of fun!
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