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Word Slapps Lite

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Feb. 17, 2011
Word SlapPs Lite is a great sample of what can be done using our full version. Teach vocabulary words specific to your child with images that you choose. Upload and save up to eight images into a customizable category and pair them with your own recorded questions. Word SLapPs Lite is designed by an SLP and modeled after Discrete Trial teaching. Children touch target images and are rewarded with sounds and/or visuals. Target vocabulary words alone or with up to two other images to increase difficulty. Word SLapPs Lite comes pre-loaded with color and animal categories to start with. Word SlapPs Lite is recommended for SLP’s, teachers or parents.

Key Features:

Teach what you want: nouns, actions, sight words, "where" questions...
Upload your own images to personalize teaching
Pair images with your own voice recorded questions
Three levels of play, in addition to randomization
Settings allow control of auto-advance, sounds and visual effects
Teach vocabulary from a second language
Target one or more vocabulary
Help young readers master sight words
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