Facility Helper Citizen Package A

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You will be able to obtain 4 kinds of Citizen in Charge in FREEDOM WARS.

・Junior Facility Manager (主任工廠經理) x2
・Senior Medical Researcher (醫療工廠主任研究員) x2
・Senior Munitions Engineer (軍事工廠主任研究員) x2
・Facility Development Expert (主任工廠修理者) x2

※You can access the items from the “Extra Content (追加內容)” by selecting “Claim Deliveries (特別交付品 領收)” from the accessory (附屬終端) menu in the cell (獨房) after downloading. You need to progress to a certain extend in the main story of the game in order to use the “Claim Deliveries (特別交付品 領收)” function.

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