《Gaara's Tale》 Extra Scenario Pack (Chinese/Korean/Japanese Ver.)

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Gaara's Tale Extra Scenario Pack includes:

Scenario 'Bond of the Desert Sea'

3 Combination Secret Techniques:
- Sasuke (Rinnegan) x Itachi 'Susanoo Futagami Raijin'
- Lee x Neji x Tenten 'Kasoku Busou Kaiten'
- Lee x Gai 'Gekinetsu Moko Hachisu Suzume no Osamu'

1 New Costume:
- Sasuke Uchiha (Nomad Ninja)

Costumes from previous series:
- Naruto Uzumaki (White Shroud)
- Gaara (White Shroud)
- Killer B (White Shroud)
- Yugito Nii (White Shroud)
- Yagura (White Shroud)
- Roshi (White Shroud)
- Han (White Shroud)
- Utakata (White Shroud)
- Fuu (White Shroud)
- Kushina (Mission Costume)

10 Matching Voices
10 Ninja Info Cards
Ninja Treasure

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