Fading Shadows

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Release date: Sept. 13, 2011
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The time of prophecy has arrived. Evil is afoot and the villainous Master Gardal has plans to conquer the famed Castle of Heaven... The only way for Gardal to breach the gates is by sacrificing the pure soul of Erwyn, a young boy mentioned in a millennia-old prophecy. Gardal and his minions have already captured the boy and imprisoned him to await execution. Yet Gardal didn't count on the help of Aira, Erwyn's clairvoyant sister... Will you help her?
Take control of the beam of light to guide the orb through an intriguing world of danger and adventure. It won't be easy, as Gardal's minions Quiph and Morg will try to stop you at all costs... Avoid the traps set by Quiph whilst solving puzzles and riddles designed to slow you down. Overcome the obstacles in your way, and change the orb's form into wood to conquer water, or even metal when hardness is needed. Do whatever it takes to save Erwyn and bring him back to the Castle of Heaven!

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