Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop

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Lowest price: $14.99 — Release date: May 17, 2017


Making puddings and sweets is lots of fun in Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop!
Players make and create a wide assortment of delicious looking sweets
and puddings, then serve customers in the shop to keep them happy.
Create 60 different recipes by taking part in over 160 different
mini-games, using the Nintendo 3DS™ stylus and even the microphone to
cool, slice, stir, bake and decorate their creations. And just like
always, don’t worry if you make a mistake - Mama will fix it for you!

Sweets can be arranged and displayed in the sweet shop, then given to
your customers to bring happiness to them all. The more sweets you
create and complete, the more recipes you discover and the more your
shop expands. Better yet, take on your friends in a competitive cook-off
for up to four players, seeing who can make the tastiest treats of all!

Join Mama in the kitchen and help her create many different delicious
sweets and puddings!

Create 60 different recipes in over 160 mini-games by using the
Nintendo 3DS™ stylus and even the microphone.

Arrange and display your sweet creations in your very own sweet shop
to keep your customers happy.

Expand your sweet shop and trigger special events by making as many
recipes as you can!

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