Mercenaries Saga Chronicles

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Lowest price: $7.49 — Release date: Feb. 8, 2018


Featuring Mercenaries Saga: Will of the White Lions, Mercenaries Saga 2:
Order of the Silver Eagle and Mercenaries Saga 3: Gray Wolves of War,
Mercenaries Saga Chronicles assembles the heroes from this fantastic
series in one collection


For the first time on a console platform, Mercenaries Saga: Will of
the White Lions features Leon, the commander of the White Lions
mercenaries. He’s hired to fight against bandits and monsters, but
unexpected events draw him into war.

Mercenaries Saga 2: Order of the Silver Eagle features Claude, the
captain of the Kingdom's Order of the Silver Eagle team. Unable to
protect Prince Laz from the poison of an assassin, he sets off on a
mission to find the antidote.

Mercenaries Saga 3: Gray Wolves of War features Marion, the commander
of the Gray Wolves mercenaries. He works with the Kingdom's forces to
deal with the uprising of the Liberation Army.


A total of 82 campaign chapters, in which your decisions lead to
different routes and endings

Numerous Free Battles allow you to power-up characters while offering
extra challenges

Multiple difficulty settings are available – clearing the game once
increases the challenge further!

Maps with variable terrains that are decisive in battle – take
advantage of your starting position to assist teammates and strike
enemies in the back

Buy and sell items, and then synthesize them into more powerful gear

Change classes to acquire high class skills, and use SP to master them

Enhanced gameplay experience on the Nintendo Switch: redesigned to
perfectly fit a 16:9 resolution. The system improvements from
Mercenaries Saga 3, such as Hate display and minion summoning skills,
are also implemented for Mercenaries Saga 1 & 2 in this new Chronicles

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