Battlefield 3 Vehicle Shortcut Bundle USA

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Release date: March 27, 2012
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This bundle immediately unlocks all 76 upgrades for the attack helicopters, scout helicopters, jets, infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, and anti-air vehicles in Battlefield 3™. These items are normally unlocked by earning experience while using these vehicles in the game.

IR Flares
Heat Seeking AA Missiles
Belt Speed
Zoom Optics
Proximity Scan
Air Radar
Guided Air to Ground Missiles
Fire Extinguisher
Thermal Optics
Laser Painter
Below Radar
ECM Jammer
Guided Rocket
TV Guided Missiles
Rocket Pods
Beam Scanning

IR Smoke
Coaxial Light Machine Gun
Belt Speed
Zoom Optics
Coaxial Heavy Machine Gun
Proximity Scan
Guided Shells
Thermal Optics
Thermal Camo
Canister Shell
Reactive Armor
CITV Station
Guided Air to Ground Missiles
APFSDS-T Armor-piercing Shells
Guided Anti-tank Missiles
AA Missile Launcher
Air Radar

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