Miles & Kilo

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Lowest price: $1.59 — Release date: July 5, 2018


Miles and Kilo have been attacked by a mischievous specter! With their
plane in pieces and a gang of thieving scoundrels running off with the
important parts, the unfortunate duo's only hope of escape is to embark
on a thrilling chase across a haunted island.

Miles & Kilo is a super tough, fast-paced action platformer. Each of the
game's 36 levels can be cleared without stopping, making it a perfect
choice for fans of speedrunning!

Both Miles and Kilo have their own diverse sets of moves and abilities.
Miles can wall-jump, slide, punch, and toss fruit at pesky critters
whereas Kilo can somersault through breakable walls and dash through the
air to pounce on nearby baddies.

A special Time Attack mode is unlocked after beating Story Mode. Can you
finish the game with the fastest possible time and the fewest deaths?

• A fast-paced, lovingly-crafted platformer from the creators of Kid

• 36 super-challenging levels, including 5 exciting boss fights

• Achievements and an unlockable time attack mode, offering loads of

• A fun, light-hearted story told with a retro flair

• A totally rad chiptune soundtrack by Chris Kukla

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