Funbox Party

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Lowest price: $0.49 — Release date: Aug. 14, 2018


Fun Box party is a perfect party package, because having fun together is
the best kind of fun. Three arcade games that are perfect for making any
party the best one ever!

In each of these games, your speed, reflexes and - most importantly -
good fun counts. In Up-Up your goal is to jump higher and higher - the
one who reaches the goal faster is the winner.

Dragons do not only live in legends. You will realize that after playing
Dragon Escape. Try to leave its territory as soon as possible, avoiding
obstacles along the way. How to avoid dropping down into the abyss or
dying from impalement? Be quick!

Wouldn't the life be more interesting, if even for just a moment, we
could become a... microbe? Who will defeat the intestine first - you, or
your rival? Infecting the human body is not that easy - there are
enemies waiting on every step.

Getting ready to meet up with friends? We have something for you - Fun
Box Party - it's time to start the party!

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