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Kill The Bad Guy

Kill The Bad Guy

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Lowest price: $2.79 — Release date: July 5, 2018


Hiding behind the mask of the average man on the street, and furtively
blending into the background, many war criminals, ex-Mafia members and
other criminals have been literally getting away with murder, or worse.
That is, until you turned up to ruin the party. As part of a secret
and mysterious society whose members have sworn to rid the world of
these Bad Guys, it's your responsibility to make sure justice is served
in the bloodiest possible way, using your unpredictability to your

Track the Bad Guys, be brutal and smart in your planning, and eliminate
them one by one. But bear this in mind: each criminal’s death has to
look like an accident. In each level, you'll have the chance to splatter
and destroy the Bad Guy using various weapons and traps. It’s up to you
to make sure he ends up in the wrong place at the right time.

In this ingenious puzzle game in which physics plays an essential role,
you'll need to keep a cool head and your wits about you. Show no mercy
as you set out to kill the Bad Guy.

"Until your mission is accomplished we don't exist. If you fail, you'll
be the only person at fault, and we’ll deny ever knowing you."


TRACK YOUR TARGET in 60 levels, each one more original than the
last, and unlock 6 completely off-the-wall bonus levels.

USE YOUR IMAGINATION as you take out the criminals one by one.
Find the opportune moment to act, and make it as bloody as you can!

BECOME THE AMBASSADOR OF DEATH and make full use of all the
different traps available. Sabotage vehicles, transform daily objects
into deadly weapons, or combine different elements in order to create
new ones.

WORK IN THE SHADOWS. Don't draw attention to yourself. Cameras,
pedestrians, cops and the Bad Guys' bodyguards mustn’t suspect you. No
one should ever doubt that these deaths are anything but unfortunate

TRY, TRY AND TRY AGAIN as you take advantage of the game's
replay feature. Get the top score, fulfil the secondary objectives,
find new ways to kill each Bad Guy, and work on your murder skills.

SHOW OFF your killing prowess and achievements to your friends,
and prove that you are the world's top justice seeker.
Information taken from the official eShop site, with all rights reserved.
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