Snow Battle Princess Sayuki

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Lowest price: $7.50 — Release date: March 28, 2019

Description Description

Help Sayuki, a snow princess, break an evil curse set upon her loved one
by finding 8 items scattered across 8 lands. The treacherous journey
will take you across Blizzard Mountain, Monsters Castle and Hells Valley
where you will encounter many mysterious yokai monsters.

Use Sayuki's ability to control elements made from water to fight off
the swarms of monsters with her icicle blast attack. Collect different
color crystals to change and powerup the type of shots such as rapid,
three-way and homing.

Do battle against various types of enemies including mummies, witches,
comical ghost lanterns and amazing yokai monsters!

Go head-to-head with giant boss yokai enemies that lay in wait at the
end of each level.

Use the special Blizzard attack to freeze the yokai monsters in one fell
swoop and chain together attacks for great effect!

Play alone or cooperatively with a friend who takes on the

role of Sayuki's sister, Koyuki.

Collect the snow fairies hidden across the 8 lands to unlock Boss Attack
mode for single and multiplayer.

Information taken from the official eShop site, with all rights reserved.

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