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Shadow the Ronin: The Revenge to the Samurai

Shadow the Ronin: The Revenge to the Samurai


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Lowest price: $2.99 PS+: $2.24
Release date: Jan. 28, 2020

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equal Also shadow, ronin, revenge, samurai, epic, adventure, action, japan, unique, sombra

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Dokuganryū, a legendary samurai of ancient capital imperial was deprived and expelled from their lands, and all your family was killed by the orders of the emperor.

After these events, he swore vengeance against his opponents until death. However, the emperor knowing of Dokuganryū's plans organized a group of ninjas highly trained assassins to defeat him.

Thus begins a long and bloody battle in the Edo period.

- Epic Combat
- Amazing Graphics
- Gigantic Environment (Open World)
- Dynamic Weather (Rain, Storm, Snow, Fog)
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