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Word Slide Crosswords

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: July 26, 2018
A new way to complete crossword grids!

Slide letters horizontally or vertically into a grid to make words and complete the puzzle.

Word Slide Crosswords is quick and easy to play, with some fiendishly challenging puzzles!


20 chapters
200 hand-crafted puzzles
Use hints if you're stuck
Earn hints as you play

How to play:

An empty crossword grid is shown.
All the letters needed to complete the puzzle are fixed around the grid.
Letters to the left or right of the puzzle can only move horizontally.
Letters to the top or bottom of the puzzle can only move vertically.
Touch a letter and slide it into a white square on the grid.
Alternatively, touch the letter then touch the square you'd like to place it in.
If you make a mistake or change your mind you can move letters back to the borders, or elsewhere on the grid.
Letters must be placed to make real words.
There's only one solution to each puzzle.
If you're stuck, you can use a hint:
- Press the Hint button to reveal the answer to a random square.
- Or, if you want to know what goes in a square, press that square then press Hint.
- You can also press 'Am I Correct' to reveal if you've made any mistakes.
- Complete puzzles to progress through the Chapter.
- A reward awaits you every time you complete a Chapter.
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