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化妆游戏 — 最经典的幼儿宝宝早教游戏

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A dream princess party is about to open, are you ready?

Set of fashion, gorgeous, fantastic, refined in one of the princess party, you need to attend every guest dressed. Unwilling to continue in the vast sea of ordinary low-key down, you want to gather in the ladies of the party on the pressure of Qunfang, a superior makeup is essential. Shiny blush, Hyun color of the United States pupil, the charm of the eye shadow ... ... noble and elegant ladylike, or fine delicate small family jasper, all depends on your call the shots. And then pick a touch of unique hair color, wear blonde costumes, wear beautiful jewelry, ready to leave it! Oh ~ there, do not forget to take a photo before leaving for the souvenir, the photo of their original is so charming na!
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