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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Dec. 13, 2010


2020 App Store Featured Top Ten-Featured Top Ten Card Battle Games
2020 Golden Ling Awards-Best Mobile E-sports Game
Golden Ling Award 2019-Best Mobile E-sports Game
2017 Zhejiang Digital Publishing Network Audiovisual-First Prize of New Media Innovation Competition

【game introduction】
"Three Kingdoms" is a national mobile game issued by the game card board game.
Classic main, loyal, internal, and anti-identity gameplay, restoring the original "Three Kingdoms" board game experience;
In 2V2 qualifying, invite friends to play black rankings together, and be happy general;
Happy Landlord Fighting, New Country Fighting, Team Fighting 3V3, Supreme 1V1, Commanding the Three Armies, Transfiguration War, etc., bring you joyous combat fun;
More than 300 generals to choose from, become famous in the first battle, and control the field with strength!
The opponent has arrived on the battlefield, ready to fight, come to "Three Kingdoms"!

[Play Features]
1- How to play in the identity field: 5-man military battle, 8-man military battle, start with random identities!
The lord defeats the anti-thief and the internal traitor to win, the loyal minister protects the master and defeats the anti-thief and the internal traitor to obtain victory.

2- Qualifying: 2V2 fair play!
Double match, teammates can look at each other's cards, the battle rhythm is fast, at this moment, tacit cooperation will become the key to victory.
Peak arena, advanced qualifying, here is a duel of all-server masters.

3-New National War: Skill reset, smooth battle!
Nationality dual general system, special reset of general skills, advanced gameplay of "Three Kingdoms", suitable for you who are masters.

4-Activity field: relaxing games, having fun!
Fight the landlord joyfully, the three kingdoms will accompany you to fight the landlord;
In the battle of illusion, eight people fight each other, and the one who survives in the end can win;
The emperor's strategy test, the players 1V1 match and answer the questions, and those who answer the questions quickly and accurately will be rewarded with red envelopes;
Command the three armies, players control 3 generals in one-on-one battles, and defeat the opponent's coach to win;

5- Playing field: fair competition, non-stop bonus and good gifts!
National Championships, independent creation of competitions, different themes every day, here you are the most beautiful boy;
Official competitions start from time to time, and real prizes are waiting for you to win;

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