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[Anniversary event is coming]
Phoenix is a year old~
With the support of the little masters, Phoenix’s heart has celebrated its one-year birthday!
In order to give back to the little masters, the emperor’s special house of government held an anniversary celebration~
The House of Internal Affairs has prepared a generous gift for the little master - iPhone X, Dior lipstick, value-added props... and a chance to get a 7-day tour of Toyo Shuangfei!
Also added the anniversary value-limited fashion oh ~

Overbearing emperor, high-cold prince, deep-hearted son, face-to-face guard, loyal dog doctor, loli princess... As long as the feelings are good, anyone can be taken away by you.

[Ingenious Harem AVATA Paper Doll Dress Up]
More than 500 sets of fashion, 1000 kinds of makeup, according to the daily mood, court events, carefully matched.
Original AVATA paper doll makeup pinch face, Liuyemei, Danfengyan, cherry small mouth, 36D... Customized exclusive harem from head to toe.

[Easy and relaxing harem life]
Tired of upgrading from a small palace to a high position? Worried that crossing the heights of the Queen is not too cold?
Want to master the world? You can press people with power, or you can serve people with morality.
Want to protect yourself? You can balance the four sides and eliminate dissidents.
Want to find true love? You can do it all the time, or you can think about it. ...

[Collecting the Gospel of Lovers]
In the comprehensive history of 5,000 years, famous people have crossed into the game to help the little master to enhance the strength of the palace.
Poetry Li Bai, poetry Du Fu, four beautiful people, Shen Yu Luo Yan... Do whatever you want, get together and eliminate the music, build your own harem, life without regrets!
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