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Lowest price: $0.99 — Release date: April 20, 2017


"It's fun to cultivate immortals in the national style."

In the "space-time fissure" staged a thrilling three-frontier war, together with Taoist friends, to kill the demon king to get immortal treasure! B station dubbing miss sister's first game presentation, fresh screen style, original plot experience. Take you on a brand new road to Xiuxian!

= keywords =

[MMO] [Welfare] [Guoman] [Hang up] [Labyrinth] [Magic weapon]

= Real-time multi-person interaction with screen=
Subversive large-scale multi-player online games stimulate the advent of multi-player simultaneous screen fighting. Agencies are heavy, tense and stimulating, real-time consultation and rich rewards.~

= The immortals gathered to kill the monster king=
In Xiuxian's novel, all the monster lords who are well-known in the middle ear come on the stage. All the monks are brave of difficulties and obstacles, and work together to kill the monster king to get Xiuxian Zhibao!

= Favourite beasts come and give them away=
Welfare new height, super magic weapon, cool feathers and Q Mengling favorite come and send! Funny not tired, round you a dream of immortality.

= Q Meng Ho Nangong Miss Sister Shen Shang=
Guo Man style, fresh and pleasant character shape, subvert the traditional immortal character image, experience the wonderful experience of mana confrontation in the battle of Qmeng.

= hanging up the machine and practicing easy immortality repair=
Open the new era of hanging up and immortality repair, easy to operate, 3 minutes to start, one key to achieve Taoism and practice, off-line hanging up experience, automatic upgrade of lazy loves!

= Incredible Maze Exploration=
The most familiar RPG Secret Experience! There may be monsters that constantly hurt you, strange props, magic scrolls, or even pets that act like pets to you. Fantastic mazes are randomly generated. Here, layers of exploration are no different!

= The magic weapon theatre is staged here.=
In the original works, the magic weapon absorbs the essence of heaven and earth, and the immortal practitioner sacrifices the magic weapon, so that heaven and earth can go up and call the wind and rain. Hundreds of magic weapons are included here! Here is going to be a wonderful magic show! Those who turn their hands over into clouds, turn their hands over into rain, and possess magic weapons will surely take up all the opportunities!
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