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Word Search: Connect Puzzle

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: July 29, 2018
Word Search is a puzzle game that will challenge your brain with different game modes, testing all your searching and vocabulary skills.
More than 200 levels have been classified on 18 different categories to connect letters building words, so you can choose the themes based on your interests.
The difficult level will be increased gradually on each category, also each game mode will offer a new challenge for the word search genre.
We have 4 different game modes to be played:
Classic: Search from a word list on our game matrix, the classic and most simple game mode.
Hidden Letters: Here we give you a word list, but each word has hidden letters making the search a bit more challenging. Awesome for advanced players!
Images: You will get a set of pictures that will guide you for the word search. It’s the ultimate puzzle version for the word searchers!
Time Trial: the infinite game mode, it will offer you a mixed of the other 3 game modes against time. No theme is selected, just swipe through the words.
On each level, we have hidden a word, additional to the list. We defy you to find them all.
At the end of each level, you will get curious facts from the theme played… There’s some fun knowledge included on the game.
Every day you will be able to play our reward game, opening the gift boxes to get free coins that can be exchanged for hints.
We hope you get epic fun with our game!
Word Search key features includes:
4 game modes that wil defy you connecting letter to build all words.
7 languages available: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian and Portuguese.
Each language has his own dictionary that will let you detect all words created on the game. It’s a lot of word knowledge available for you!
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