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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Feb. 13, 2015


香港製造,最具本土特色的港式麻雀遊戲登陸App Store!取新iOS平實簡單的介面風格。強如真人的AI。無須每日等待金幣,全日任打。我們的電腦不需騙你買金幣,所以絕不出千,公平對戰唔激氣。

• 單機版本,無須上網,隨時隨地可玩
• 無in-app purchase,毋須等金幣,真正免費
• 十三隻牌,香港牌例
• 多種玩法: 搶食糊、雞糊起糊、三番起糊 無限番

† 懇請給予評分及留言建議改善之處

• Run on your phone, no access to the Internet required.
• No in-app purchases, and no need to wait for coins; please feel free to play.
• 13-tile mahjong with Hong Kong game rules.
• Different game modes: fan-less games; any-fan games; 3-fans minimum.
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