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Wordblast — Best Puzzle Game

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: April 19, 2019
WordBlast is the best word search with a twist! Find words in the grid and blow up as many letters as you can. Meet your points objective and progress level after level, how far can you go!?

WordBlast gives you infinite puzzles, stunning visuals and an ever-growing challenge to give you brain training fun.

How to Play:
Swipe your finger on the tiles to connect the letters and make words. The longer the words, the better the score. Simple.

For an extra challenge and bonus points, try and complete the extra objectives:
Find the hidden word, and try to clear the required amount of rows / columns.

Key Features for WordBlast:
● Infinite levels: if you don’t stop, we won’t stop you! Each level is a little more difficult than the previous one.

● Amazing animations: see those tiles cracking and bubbling away once you have connected them. The blocks shift down and sideways and more words will be created for you to keep swiping.

● Explosive fun: need a little help to complete the objective before time runs up? Throw a bomb in there! Blow up a bunch of tiles that were impossible to connect.

● Infinite refill: NEVER run out of letters. As soon as there aren’t enough, down comes a shower of fresh tiles for you to keep swiping.

● Special tiles: Include those letters in your word and get a more special BONUS.

● Choose your theme: Bubbly graphic of every colour you like. Bright and cheerful, modern and trendy or some more eye-resting shades. Whatever you prefer.

● Keep track of your stats: how many lines have you cleared? What’s your best word ever? Those and many more will be found in your statistics screen.

● Are you up to the challenge? Try and collect all of the achievements.

● Global High-Score: all the points you score will go to a special Leaderboard with all the Word Blast players from all over the world. Can you be the best? See how high you can get.

WordBlast is a mix between a crush game and a word search. If you like word puzzles, creativity and challenge, you'll never want to stop playing WordBlast.

And if you have any suggestion to make it even better, please feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] We'd love to hear from you. Opinions, comments, any feedback at all.

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Have fun!
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