Поиск Слова Из Слов И Букв

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Game rules are very simple: given source word, the letters you need to make other words. This may only be the singular nouns in the nominative case (except for proper names).
Players who achieve the best results in this game, have a great erudition and developed combinatorial skills – because you have to sort through a lot of different letter combinations. One of the main qualities of a good player is the ability to build anagrams – words made up of all the letters of the word.
The game consists of levels, each level is a new word. Making words from words, you gain points - each letter made up of words, this one point.
Guess the word, get points for them, unlock new levels and new words!
Also in the game you are waiting for daily tasks on guessing words, support for five languages and matches with friends and other players - lovers of word puzzles!
If you love to play scrabble, crossword and other puzzles, then this game is for you!
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