• Glide


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Release date: May 24, 2017


• Glide is a simple, addictive one touch reaction game with unique soundtracks and stunning visuals.

Zen Worlds:
Featuring 7 beautiful worlds, accompanied by stunning original soundtracks, you'll need to follow the paths with perfect 1 tap precision.

Arcade Zone:
Faster, Endless & a totally addictive high score chaser mode!

Neon Rush:
3 Insanely Fast paced reaction challenges spanning 60 levels.

Your challenge is to reach the portals at the end of each world to earn those coveted 3 Stars. But be careful, your Glide will disappear down worm holes, travel over collapsing floors and split into many to thwart your success!

The Challenge has been set! Do you have the skills to become the Glide Master?

Game Features:

◉ 7 Beautifully Crafted Zen Worlds
◉ Arcade High Score Chaser Mode
◉ 3 Insanely Paced Reaction Modes
◉ 40 Glides To Collect & Play
◉ 12 Original Calming Piano Soundtracks
◉ Simple, Addictive One Touch Gameplay
◉ Multi-Skill Based Worlds For All To Master
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