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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Oct. 17, 2014
Racing game for the first time to drive your own roller coaster! !
The course, there screaming curve, loop, pendulum, is seesaw, I invite derailment! !
Adjust the speed well in the sensibility of their own, it is able to compete the time!
Modified Shinkansen can run at maximum speed of 1500 Km! ! Please feel the sense of speed! !

● How to play
1. It is a racing game that you can enjoy with easy operation!
2. Go with the accelerator button, go backwards with the backbody, stop with the brake.
3. It stops when the fuel runs out and the game is over. Let's refuel the details.
4. Depending on the type of train, the speed, initial speed, brakes, etc. will change greatly.
5. By raising the level, operability such as speedup improves.
6. The camera can switch between the body camera and the third person view camera.

Derailing is a game over. You can challenge again from the retry button.
You can check the world rankings by GameCenter function as to how quickly you finished!

Types of vehicles include conventional lines, Shinkansen, climbing railroads, locomotives, etc.

Please note that the tickets charged will be deleted after uninstalling the application.

Music: purgatory garden
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