麻將對戰 神來也二人麻將

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Oct. 3, 2013


Love Mahjong? Then Get Ready for Two-Player Mahjong!
。Play one-on-one games that can finish in two minutes
。No limits in rewards! Wipe out your opponent and enjoy the victory!
。Play as a guest, no registration needed
。Invite your friends on LINE or FB and get free coins!

※How to Play:
。Only character tiles are used (2 sets, 64 tiles); no flower tiles
。No restrictions in Chows, Pongs, or Gongs
。Double earnings when you pass on calling mahjong
。Complete missions and double your winnings again (reward dependant on mission)

。Only character tiles are used
。Eye-catching graphics and stimulating sound effects make for an even better gaming experience
。Free daily coins (up to a certain limit)

=Additional Notes=
‧ Users can use their existing GodGame, Facebook, or Yahoo accounts to play

Gamesofa- Fun in five easy minutes


。完成牌局任務,獎金再x2 (多種任務、倍率不同)

=二人麻將 遊戲特色=


Gamesofa 5分鐘.想樂最輕鬆
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