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Wordbud: Link Word Games Bloom

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: July 24, 2018
Word Crossy Game in Flower Land
WordBud: Link Word Games Bloom is an eye-releasing & brain-amusing word link game for anyone who wants to solve the word puzzle in bloom. Swipe your finger in the crumbled letters to find the word!

1000+ Levels Set in Dazzling Flower Backgrounds
Ease your eyes and mind while conquering the 1000+ word link levels powered by Oxford Dictionaries, which are set in a fascinating flower arboretum of backgrounds. Finish the levels and see how far you can go on the map of this word journey!

Relaxing & Challenging
This wordcross game starts easy but gradually gets more challenging & exciting, freeing you from getting bored by unchanged difficulty level. The more you play, the funnier it gets!

Enhance & Share Your Word Smarts
A vocabulary game to see how good you are with words! Check and boost your linguistic intelligence to bring you to a new level of joy and knowledge. You can share your scores on Facebook & and associated social medias. Don't forget to log in with your Facebook ID to compete with players worldwide!

Rewards You'll Get
A ton of rewards can be acquired in our word find game:
>> You will get extra coins when you find the hidden words in each level so that you can use them to buy hints whenever you are stuck.
>> Want a daily bonus? Launch the word game every day!
>> You get 5 spins every 6 hours on our spinner board, which may get you various handy rewards.
>> You'll be rewarded for your participation in inviting Facebook friends.
>> Daily Facebook sharing can also get you a daily reward.
>> Confident enough to get your reward the tough way? Try beating all levels of a category!

Break Piggy Bank for Sufficient Coins
Whenever you pass a level / spot a hidden word / accomplish a combo, you get a flower (which equals to 4 coins) picked and saved in your Piggy Bank. Whenever you feel the need to get more coins, you can purchase a hammer to break the Piggy Bank, getting the coins you saved immediately.
How to Play WordBud: Link Word Games Bloom

Word Search & Word Connect - check the scrambled letter to find the word and swipe your finger to build it

Fill in the Blanks - find all the blanks above the letters with the words you find to clear the level. If you find a word that does not fill in the blank, congrats! You find the hidden word!

Need Help?
- Shuffle the letter
- Shange the way you spell. Remember that you can swipe from ANY direction.
- What are you saving your coins for? Buy the hints to pass the level in a second!
- Send your friend(s) a screenshot of our word games in blooms and seek help (Tap "Friends").
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