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Word Stellar: A Crossword Game

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Feb. 16, 2019
Welcome to Word Stellar, an ADDICTIVE & FREE word game that will tease and train your brain. Word Stellar has a unique level progressing process, starts off easy, gets challenging to the peak and relaxes you by going back to easy levels and again gets tougher. Can you beat the game, with more than 2000 levels to conquer?
Swipe and connect letters that makes word connect. A cross word puzzle that you can play to challenge your brain, eliminate boredom. You can challenge on words with friends and also challenge others and reach to top on leaderboard. Word Stellar has a unique theme, rather than playing on land scapes that we see every day, enjoy the game on unseen space themes. Learn to connect words by swiping letters that keeps the word stacks on a beautifully designed puzzle grid. You can make funny crossy words that eventually make a word connect with another word. Word Stellar is more than just a word game, it helps stimulate your brain and helps spell words much better. Word Stellar a free word game that amazes you through space journey allowing a free word search. Collect word by word and build a beautiful puzzle. Listen to relaxing music and play a word connect game at your pace. Enjoy word stellar, play now!
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