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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Oct. 9, 2015
A new word game experience! Inspired by classic word games, WordHue gives finding words a decidedly colorful twist. WordHue was written exclusively for iOS, contains Game Center support, and is universal for iOS and iPad. WordHue contains 2 different modes: Zen Mode, and Time Attack. For those looking for a more leisurely game, Zen Mode lets you find words at your own pace. For a more visceral experience, Time Attack mode will put your brain to the test. Each mode is available in Random mode, as well as a Daily, where everyone in the world is given the exact same puzzle.

-Exclusively for iOS. Supports iOS 7.1 and up on iPhone 4s and up, and is universal for iPad
-Game Center Support
-Every time you use a letter, its value increases
-Match tiles to the color meter to advance levels and get more time/turns
-Create your own Double and Triple word score tiles by making longer words
-Zen Mode: plan out your moves for the maximum score
-Time Attack Mode: quickly create words to beat the timer
-Daily Puzzles: each day, everyone playing gets the same 2 daily puzzles, so you can compare your scores to friends
-Unlockable color schemes, with no In App Purchases
-iOS 9 Support
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