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This is a purely operational game. In the game, you can see many well-known characters.
All the characters you see can be collected as teammates, and you can also choose to talk or fight with them.
The background of the game is Three Kingdoms. Here, defeating Lu Bu and Zuo Ci to complete the God of War is not the ultimate goal.
You can complete the hegemony, you can also complete other endings, yes, this is a game with multiple endings.
For those who like to collect achievements, there are dozens of achievements waiting for you to achieve!
For those who like character appreciation, hundreds of characters are waiting for you to recruit!
For those who like to challenge themselves, the number of completed achievements is waiting for you to challenge!
Everyone’s equipment can be dropped. Of course, if you want Fang Tian to paint a halberd and a red rabbit, you still need some preparation!
It's up to the players' persistence whether to come here for nothing or forever.
More modes are waiting for you!
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