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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Oct. 7, 2016


Free! Healing puppy training game!
"Nap", "ride a cleaning robot" definitely be healed to see the cute gesture of puppies!
Care is only once "Nadenade" in two days! Dog love, of course, child-rearing and is a popular free training app busy woman at work!
Perfect thing to be able to kill time and stress to look relaxed while listening to the BGM of healing! People have been put up in a dog cafe without changing a pet is a long-awaited animal training game!

▼ main function
- You brought up the puppy of a newborn baby.
- Nadenade and let's collect the heart to grow the affection!
- In the collected heart you can give someone a feat.
- Dog you can keep up to two dogs.
- You can put a cute name.
- You can switch the healing healing BGM.
- You can change the coat of the dog.
- You can be a stylish wearing a dog hat.
- You can observe a gesture to catch a butterfly.
- Take the cleaning robot.
- You can enjoy the 3D space of the cute and clean room dog.
- You squeal with cute voice to be healed and to Nadenade.
- Cute voice and gesture of dog The photo, photo, without doubt be healed much want to take the video!

▼ material use
This app we were allowed to use the BGM of the following sites.
Music Atelier Amacha (http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/)
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