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Word Zapping

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Nov. 5, 2017
Zap through the words with this super fun Word Zapping game of classy word search. Engage in a heart-pounding Versus mode with friends and see who is the fastest Word Zapper among two.

Versus mode supports both in Bluetooth and WiFi!

Word Zapping is not just an ordinary word search game. It is full of fun, excitement & entertainment! Word Zapping will definitely makes you addicted to word zapping because..

With it's massive words data that contains more than 25,000 words, every single puzzle that you play will almost certainly contains new words & in addition, all of the word placements are done randomly as well. These means every single game is a new game, full of endless surprises!

Word Zapping is not only about word search, it is also a challenge to prove your eyes tracking ability! With it's multi-level feature, you can select which level you want to play based on the number of letters per word to search and it is definitely suitable for the whole family from the young ones to adults.

Play against each other through Versus mode! It will surely bring endless fun and entertainment for the whole family and friends. Both players will be solving an equal word search puzzle to ensure a full fair battle.

Have fun Word Zapping!

** Word Zapping supports mix-match of iPad, iPhone, iPod and definitely the latest iPhone X in versus mode!
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