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Word Stones: Word Tower Game

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: April 27, 2020
Show your skills in this new word search puzzle connect game! Find the hidden words to solve puzzles to train your brain. Improve your language skills while having fun.

DOWNLOAD the best word search puzzle game for FREE!


* Use the given clue to search and find hidden words in puzzles:
- Simply swipe to reveal the words and to bring the word tower crashing down!
* Easy at first, but gets challenging fast.


* This is a challenging word search puzzle game, which not only tests your dictionary but also your cognitive abilities.
* It's super fun to play, enhances your brain, improves your memory and language skills.
* After playing awhile, you will realize that you can remember certain things faster.
* This fun game will train your left brain and enhance your memory! It's a total workout for your brain!

* A Clue For Each Puzzle: Use it to find the related words in each puzzle
* Shifting Tiles: Each puzzle shifts as you find words. Word search with a twist
lots of levels. Play over 3000 levels with more coming soon
* Earn Power-Ups: Use the spyglass, light bulb, or shuffle when you get stuck
* Unlock Beautiful Themes And Backgrounds: Choose from themes that unlock as you play
* Collect Bonus Points: Earn rewards for finding extra words
* Daily Rewards: Visit everyday for gifts you can get from the free Spinner

Download the game , train your brain, sharpen your mind and improve your vocabulary.

We really value your feedback. Please tell us how we can improve our free game. Your comments will be read and considered carefully.

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