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模拟医院 — 经营养成游戏

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[train doctors]

1. All doctors in the game are obtained through recruitment, and doctors have different education background, which affects the probability of doctors passing the clinical title examination;

2. The doctor's clinical Title affects the cure rate of different diseases. The clinical title can be improved by participating in the clinical title examination held in February every year;

3. The teaching Titles of doctors affect the success rate of scientific research in the departments, and the departments with teaching Titles improve by accepting teaching tasks;

4. Special training can be carried out for individual doctors, and the probability of passing the clinical title examination can be improved after training;

5. Too many patients received by doctors every day will increase their work intensity, which will affect their cure rate;

[Construction Department]

1. The game internal medicine room is divided into five levels: county level, city level, provincial level, national level and world level. The level of department will affect the number of patients and the level of disease. The level of department can be improved through expansion;

2. Each department can carry out scientific research, and the success of scientific research can permanently improve the cure rate of all doctors in the Department for a certain kind of disease;

3. Departments can configure different reception strategies, optimize the relationship between doctors and patients, and improve the overall benefits of the hospital;

[random events]

Little girls ask for help, take part in the treatment of natural disasters in this city, and deal with patients' medical trouble. We look forward to your discovery.

[core play]

1. The number of doctors is not as good as the more. It is necessary to reasonably determine the number of doctors in each department according to the hospital's menstrual camp report;

2. The higher the doctor's clinical title is, the better the salary will be. If there is no corresponding patient, the doctor with higher clinical title will lose money;

3. Reasonably arrange the sequence of department strategy, expansion and scientific research, which is not fixed and needs to be adjusted according to the situation of the hospital;

4. In the process of the game, we need to focus on training several doctors, and which doctors need to focus on training needs to be combined with hospital level, doctor education, etc. to make a decision;

5. All kinds of random events need to be handled reasonably, and different handling will bring different results to the hospital;

6. It is a good choice for doctors to participate in the examination of clinical titles and improve their clinical titles;

7. Select different recruitment types reasonably, and use different recruitment types in different stages;

8. After grade C, the chief physician is invaluable, so more preparations should be made in the early stage.
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