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Lowest price: Free — Release date: July 28, 2018


Best Solitaire Card Games
Cards games can be fun! Our Solitaire is evolved from the solitaire classic games with easier gameplay and stunning look.

Healthy Brain Training
Solitaire card games for free is a great method to train your brain, which can:
- Boost your short-term & long-term memory
- Release your stress that has many potentially harmful effects on your mind & body
- Mitigate boredom & depression that can cause brain stagnation
- Improve your strategic capabilities, attentiveness some other cognitive functions
- Stimulate your immune system via the use of visualization, memory & sequencing
- Possibly prevent the development of Alzheimer & a few degenerative diseases

Highlights that Set Us Apart
You will get fresh experience with our solitaire games free: the clean and elegant interface, slick animations and card moves, subtle drawing sound, optional card backs in different colors & designs, etc. There are more features to make your solitare game more enjoyable:
- Easy Mode (Draw 1 card per tap) or Hard Mode (Draw 3 cards per tap)
- Hints to help when stuck
- Undo to revoke the card moves
- Stats checking
- Normal scoring (defaulted): points are earned based on time & moves; Vegas scoring: your ante is $52 to begin playing each game while there is no time/move penalty or bonus awarded

Play Solitaire Classic Free
Solitaire is one of the best card games for free. Everyone can download and play it for free, without the need of WiFi or cellular data.
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